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With this handy KeyRing filled with nozzles, you no longer have to search and always have the right nozzle at hand. At the same time, a Keyring helps prevent you from losing a nozzle.


Choise of 1/8" (for NW5 hose), 1/4" (for NW6 and NW8 hoses) or 3/8" (for NW10 hose).


KeyRing set includes 

1 std. nozzle WITHOUT front jet
1 std. nozzle WITH front jet

1 chisel point

1 small grenade

2 rotating nozzles*


(* The 3/8" KeyRing comes standard with 1 rotating and 1 vibro rotating nozzle)


Please select your pump capacity and pressure and we will calculate the correct drill diameter for you.


Keep the performance of your machine up to date by replacing worn and damaged nozzles on time.

KeyRing Nozzle Set

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