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A true heavy-duty crusher with high speed and high torque, the PICOTE Maxi Miller (Plus) offers the professional sewer cleaner a range of new jobs.

Designed for tough challenges such as heavy scale and roots. Remove concrete or failed CIPP liners with a specialised Twister and cleaning chains, FOGs (fats, oil & grease) with the Smart Spider, perform reinstatements with one of a range of customised cutters or expand your operation further and work in conjunction with the Maxi Coating Pump for the Picote Brush Coating™ System. 

Standard safety features include: protective outer jacket allowing safe cable retention, shielded foot control, safety clutch, emergency stop switch.

Supplied with a 12mm spring in a thick outer jacket, designed for use with the most powerful accessories in drains and pipes from DN70mm to DN250mm.

Spring: 12mm

Range: 30m. (extension possible)
Weight: 90kg.
Speed: 500-1475rpm.


Wide range of special tools optional available.

PICOTE Maxi Miller

Excluding Tax

    • Perfect for longer runs and heavy work
    • Extendable up to 40 metres
    • No physical contact with the rotating spring
    • Less dirt splashing around & easy to clean
    • Maxi Plus features removable control box to work closer to the access point
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