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PICOTE machines are originally designed for milling pipes and drilling liners. The toughest type of blockages such as lime, cement, rust, root growth or even collapsed in-liners can be effectively removed with the right accessories.


The Mini Cleaner comes with a 8mm Shaft with Flexible Outer Casing and is designed for drains and pipes starting at DN32mm up to DN100mm.


Designed with plumbers in mind. Cleaning, descaling & roots cutting in small pipes is now easier than ever before.


Spring: 8mm

Range: 16m. (no extension possible)
Weight: 26.5kg.
Speed: 500-2900rpm.


Toolkit for DN32-40 pipes, includes Smart Cleaner Hub, Cleaning Panels DN32-DN40Package, Cleaning Chains DN32-DN40 & Cleaning Brushes DN32-DN40 included.


Special tools optional available.

PICOTE Mini Cleaner

Excluding Tax
  • Battery Powered

    The cordless battery powered Mini Cleaner makes quick work of cleaning, descaling, root removal, cutting, reinstatements & brush coating. Easy to transport and operate regardless of power outlet locations or availability! Includes Standard Battery for up to 3 hours of continuous work. Can also be used with power cable. Optional a High Output Battery (+ 4.1kg) for up to 4 hours of continuous work is available.


    • Unblocking & Cleaning at high speed
    • Infinitely adjustable rotation speed from 500 rpm to 2900 rpm
    • No physical contact with the rotating spring
    • Less dirt splashing around & easy to clean
    • Standard delivered with various cleaning chains
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