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A handy kit containing everything needed for a permanent and watertight repair


The Pipe Doctor No-Dig Pipe Repair range delivers professional contractors a permanent and watertight finish to damaged pipes, every time.


Pipe Doctor was the first no-dig patch repair system to gain WRc approval.


Products available in kit form offer everything needed for a single repair, without waste or mess on site. Kits are available for repairs to straight pipes and for swept bends (the Radius system).  Bulk materials are also available, if preferred.


Resin in the Pipe Doctor system is available in three formulations: Summer (S), Winter (W) and Rapid (R), for optimal working and cure times for the site conditions.


Contractor Packs contain all the equipment needed to start out in patch repair or to kit out a new van.  A full range of packers are available to cover a wide variety of sizes.

Pipe Doctor Patch Repair

Excluding Tax
  • Benefits of Pipe Doctor no-dig repair include:

    • No costly, time-consuming, disruptive excavation work
    • Excellent bonding to virtually any substrate
    • Cures in the presence of water
    • 50 year expected life of all patches correctly installed
    • 10 year guarantee when installed according to correct procedure
    • Available in bulk form or in kit format
    • WRc approved
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