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Odour nuisances or leaks are often caused by small cracks or bad pipe connections but then you still have to locate them.


With this powerful and reliable SmokeDetector, finding such leaks becomes child's play.


Use the versatile SmokeDetector also for detecting unauthorised side connections in the sewage system, cracks and holes in septic tanks, checking dry sprinkler pipes, checking air flows in ventilation or air handling and ventilation ducts, leak tests of chimneys, roofs and even for fire and emergency training.

Standard equipment includes 5L liquid smoke, 7.5 m flexible PVC hose DN50 with C-coupling and a telescopic rod extendable to 6 m length.


SKU: 41.SMD.000.250.0000
Excluding Tax

    • Plenty of power – for fogging an entire pipe system
    • Easy control - even with gloves
    • No more decanting - thanks to the standard canister holder
    • Quick connection - for quick and easy changing of the liquid canister
    • Made in Germany - quality product
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