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SuperDuper® it !


- maximize the power of your machine

- increase the efficiency of your work

- reduce your costs of operation

...... and above all save resources and thus protect the environment


The SD050 offers more power and flexibility compared to any other controlled rotation speed nozzle.


It will pass 90° bends in 4" pipes effortlessly, unlike others our electromagnetical braking system does effectively control the rotation speed and components used are not only ensuring a minimum lost of pressure but at the same time guaranteeing a service free lifecyclus.


Try the SuperDuper® Nozzle yourself and UNBLOCK & CLEAN pipes in 1 go like never before!

SuperDuper® 050

Excluding Tax
  • Scope of delivery:

    Standard scope of delivery includes:

    • 1 SuperDuper nozzle
    • 1 blind stop
    • 1 front jet
    • 1 leader hose (approx 50cm long / 1/2" female connection)
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