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Choose your chains, add your accessory !


- remove chalk, limescale or urinary stone

- de-root drain lines

- adapt chains according to pipe material


Standard chain knockers are used to remove hard sediments like limescale, urinary stone and hardened FOG’s from pipes.


The TC050 is the first chain rotating nozzle that allows you to mount chains around the rotary to become a CYCLONE chain nozzle. It will centre itself perfectly and the CYCLONE chains have more chain links on the outside diameter making it the perfect tool for descaling pipes.


Changing the chains of the TC050 to adapt to the pipe diameter, pipe material or specific kind of blockage has never been so fast and easy.


Less water is needed to drive the high-output rotating turbine allowing more power available for thrust.

Turbo Cyclone® 050

Excluding Tax
  • Scope of delivery

    The Turbo Cyclone comes with 2 lengths of smooth chains; 110mm and 150mm.

    Additional chains for other pipe diameters, chains with hardbits or drilling heads are optional available.

  • Select extra chains

    click HERE to add extra chains for the Turbo Cyclone

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