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Clean & Inspect branched pipes in one run


The VIPER® models enable an easy turning into branches.
A switchable forward jetting nozzle for removing blockages and the Full HD live camera enables efficient work on all VIPER® models, even in hard-to-reach places.


The typical areas of application are in pipe cleaning and emergency service companies, in the construction industry, in municipal services, in house and connection inspections also from the main sewer, in renovation work, in the industrial sector and as a problem solver for difficult tasks.


Excluding Tax

    • Clean and Inspect in one go, eliminating the need for camera inspection afterwards
    • Activate the front jet at a blockage and switch it off again for more tractive force and a better view into the pipe
    • Because you can see what you are doing you work more efficiently so you save time and money
    • Control hose direction and steer the camera with nozzle effortlessly into branches and side (house) connections
    • Reach hidden pipes and avoid digging and breaking as you can work from inside a (main) sewer
  • Tech Specs

    • full HD live camera 1080 x 1920 with digital zoom
    • 160° wide-angle lens with 4mm sapphire glas
    • dimmable power-LED´s for pipes up to DN 400mm
    • diameter 40mm - length 40mm
    • sensor for inclination and direction indication
    • pipe Sizes DN 75 – DN 400
    • passes through and steers into multiple 45 deg bends in lines DN 80 and larger
    • passes through and steers into multiple 90 deg bends in lines DN 100 and larger
    • HP hose length 30 m working pressure up to 300 BAR
    • hose diameter 3/8“ or 1/2“
    • required water supply 110 bar@30 l/min
    • fresh water and recycled water operation
    • integrated forward jetting nozzle with exchangeable nozzle
    • locator Sonde 512 Hz / 640 Hz
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