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Fast, accurate and safe locating and marking of underground pipes.


The new RD7200 is a no-compromise cable and pipe locator for all industries, designed for precise and effective everyday use.


Precise, effective localisation and tracking

Speed, accuracy and reliable performance
- Easy to configure and use
- Screen readable in bright sunlight, high performance audio system and vibration alerts for noisy environments
- Sensitive and accurate signal processing for reliable results


Multifunctional, precise localisation for multiple industries
- Compass orientation
- Power filters
- Utility-specific frequencies


Protection of technicians and infrastructure
- Encourage correct use of the viewfinder for better detection
- StrikeAlert, warns of the presence of shallow
- Vibration handle, never miss a warning


Ergonomic design, premium quality
- Robust yet lightweight and ergonomic
- Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Britain
- Self-test for confidence in your search measurements


SKU: 10/7200-BAG
Excluding Tax

    Screen of industrial quality, for outdoor use

    TruDepth™ and power display, for added security


    Swing warning system encourages proper use

    High-performance audio and vibration alerts, for noisy environments

    Waterproof IP65

    Light weight & ergonomic

    3 years warranty

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