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Don’t waste time and use the Xplorer-HD PoleCam for a quick inspection of the sewer line before the start of any maintenance, CCTV or rehab activities and use it after the job is done to check your work


compact motorized camera head with powerful LED lights integrated - 120° camera tilt function (30° up / 90° down) - digital HD resolution - anti-fog camera lens - focus and zoom adjustment with follow-up function - 360x zoom function (30x optical, 12x digital) - WiFi wireless transmission - waterproof: IP68 - visible laser beam standard integrated

Xplorer - HD Pole Camera

Excluding Tax

    the Xplorer-HD PoleCam is being standard delivered with a telescopic carbon fiber pole (6 meter), 3 batteries (9h) and charger, tripot and transport bag and comes with our own designed Android software app which can be installed on any suitable Android device

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